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7A Drones Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing drone application solutions globally. Our design and manufacturing processes, based in Taiwan, leverage extensive practical experience across agriculture, logistics, education, and more. Our goal is to utilize Taiwan's advanced technological expertise, integrating it with various industrial technologies through three-dimensional spatial thinking. We are committed to addressing the challenges faced by multiple industries and offering customized aerial solutions for diverse sectors. This commitment is not just a promise but also our responsibility to society and our clients, as we strive to deliver versatile solutions that cater to the global market.

Product Name

Logistics Drones, Agriculture Spraying Drones and Multi - Task Drone

Product Info

The standout feature of our drones is their scalable multiple battery parallel module system, which adjusts according to mission requirements to enhance payload capacity. Each drone is outfitted with an advanced swarm system and the high-grade TD100 flight controller, ensuring reliable and precise operations. The drones feature a composite material structure designed to effectively resist sudden tension, providing robust performance. A key innovation includes a Taiwanese-certified patent for powerful downward airflow, which aids in precise payload drops. Additionally, our drones incorporate a 3D landing gear structure that optimizes capacity and rigidity, alongside a special folding arm design that enhances portability and ease of movement.

Product Solutions

In the agricultural sector, we are addressing the global issue of labor shortages by integrating high-tech drones equipped with AI and integrated systems. Our strategy includes updating agricultural data, using this data to analyze actions, and preventing pesticide misuse. We also focus on unmanned systems that operate alongside loaders and tractors on farms.

In delivery, our drones provide innovative solutions for transporting medications and performing emergency replenishment tasks, especially in rural areas, isolated islands, or following disasters. In these critical scenarios, traditional delivery methods often fail due to damaged infrastructure or geographical challenges, leading to significant delays in essential support and supply.

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