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Shiny Brands

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Sales Markets

Thailand/ Singapore/Malaysia/Vietnam/United State/China


1.UK Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019
2.MONDE Selection Award 2019

Product summary

The EX8 MINUTES MASK is specially designed for sensitive skin, allowing consumers to easily receive postoperative repair and care at home. Mirae hopes everyone can be beautiful effortlessly without spending much time or money.

Mirae, whose Chinese brand name literally means “future beauty,” prides itself as “the skincare from future.” Working with professional aesthetic medicine teams from South Korea, the company is dedicated to adopting state-of-the-art technologies and developing simple, effective, and affordable products for people who have undergone plastic surgeries. It is also the hope of Mirae to dispel the myth that one has to spend a fortune to obtain beauty.

Mirae’s unique eight-minute facial mask, first of its kind in the world, is made of one-of-a-kind compressed micro-fiber silk thread, a premium material that adheres to the skin better and allows better absorption in a shorter amount of time. About half of the time normally requires for applying facial masks can be saved by using Mirae’s masks. With the natural moisturizing factor and other natural ingredients, the mask is safe to use and can not only retain the moisture in the skin but also help moisturize, whiten, restore, treat, relax the skin.

Mirae’s eight-minute facial mask is one of the top-selling facial mask products in Taiwan and has become the leading product emulated across the globe. A whopping 600 thousand boxes have been sold internationally every year. Moreover, the mask was awarded Silver in the MONDE Selection Award 2019 and also won the 2019 UK Beauty Shortlist Awards. Many customers, celebrities and bloggers included, have claimed to be frequent users and praised the effectiveness of the product.