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LoF International

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Rosa 63 Calming Moisturizer

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1. Made by cosmetics GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 22716 certified manufacturer.
2. Passed the Microbiology testing and Heavy Metal testing by SGS(Taiwan) and Superlab (Taiwan), the third party.
3. Passed the safety clinical study (total of 110 subjects):
-Single patch clinical trials study for normal skin in 30 subjects.
-Single patch clinical trials study for sensitive skin in 30 subjects.
-Human repeat insult patch clinical trials study for normal skin in 50 subjects.

Product summary

LoF International Co., Ltd, founded in 2019, focuses on solving daily sensitive skin problems and pioneering skincare products for sensitive skin. Sensist, a brand targeted for hypersensitive and irritable skins, was established in 2020.

Our team is composed of doctors, pharmacists, and chemists. All ingredients are low toxic chemicals. We select high-quality and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to use in our products. All products have passed safety clinical trials and dermatology studies such as the single patch test and the human repeat insult patch test in both Asia and Europe.

Sensist’s Rosa 63 Calming Moisturizer contains natural sweet almond oil (USP), high-purity D-Panthenol (USP), and patented dimethylsilanol materials, all of which help enhance skin moisture, alleviate skin redness and irritation. Without preservative,paraben, fragrance, and alcohol, it is suitable for all skin types.

The Rosa 63 Calming Moisturizer is specially designed to solve Rosacea’s clinical symptoms, such as pimples, dryness, and desquamation. Physical and chemical innovative methods were used to avoid microbial contamination. A new polymer emulsifier (non-traditional surfactant) was developed to offer a non-sticky texture and solve post-makeup issues.

The Rosa 63 Calming Moisturizer offers your skin the most indulging protection with a touch of nature. If your skin is highly sensitive to the environment, Sensist is the care and solution to your problems!