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Milk Tea Series

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3:15PM is a beloved instant tea brand in Taiwan. Their tea bags, which are reusable, are made with locally grown tea leaves. Their innovative technology makes 3:15PM Milk Tea better than regular powdered tea mixes; they are convenient yet flavorful and have even become popular all around the world, especially in Korea. Korean tourists would come with empty hands and left with full luggage of 3:15PM Milk Tea!

Once pouring hot water into your cup, the water releases both oolong tea and black tea, and the scent blends with the creamy milk aroma. The pleasant smell will make you feel like you are in a nice tea house and forget that you are actually in your office. 3:15PM Milk Tea Series comes in several flavors; besides the Original Flavor, it also comes in Rose Fruity Milk Tea, Roasted Milk Tea, and Sun Moon Lake Milk Tea, etc.

3:15PM wants to give you the pleasure of enjoying an afternoon tea, especially at 3:15! Whether at home or at work, the delicious yet easy-to-make tea bags will gratify everyone in your life, from adults and children to friends and coworkers, which will certainly start a new trend in Asia!