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About Miezo Inc.

Miézo was established in June 2012;our company includes two primary business areas:electronic hardware and IoT products.Among them, the electronic hardware part is mainly used in furniture, and it has been exported to Vietnam for ten years. IoT products are used to help space operators improve their operational efficiency. They are currently only sold in Taiwan because they involve offline installation and follow-up software customer service support. We are currently seeking local partners in Vietnam.

IoT products are independently developed and manufactured by the company and promoted under the brand Miézo. With a high degree of research and development energy, the product’s hardware, firmware, and software are all independently developed and can be fine-tuned according to actual local needs.Our company has also passed ISO9001 and has the quality assurance in manufacturing.

In Taiwan, in addition to direct sales, we sell products through different distribution partners. It includes designer access and software access. Many space/property-related management software will be directly connected to our IoT cloud platform and help sell products together at the same time.

Selected Product: QR Code Cloud Access Control System

1.Slogan:locks for landlords

2.Product Concept:
●Improve operational efficiency: Assists landlords in improving operational efficiency, allows visitors to use self-service, automates landlord management, and even unstaffed operations.
●Can be designed according to different needs: In addition to the password page, the page after scanning the code can be a payment page, which will be opened after payment; if it is an identity verification page, it will be unlocked and opened after identity verification.
●The lock and the cabinet door can be controlled at the same time: the cabinet door can also be held simultaneously so that the cabinet can be upgraded to a logistics cabinet, cloud storage cabinet, or bright vending cabinet.

3.Product Functions:
Space users will receive a temporary password after making an online reservation and payment in advance, and the password will only take effect during the reservation period. After the user arrives at the site, they can directly scan the QR code on the door; a password pad will pop up and users input the password to enter. The whole process does not require the use of an app or human intervention. It is suitable for short-term rental spaces such as Airbnb.

4. Product Technical:
●The product consists of: Access controller, IoT cloud platform, Access code reader.
●The access controller can be connected to the existing electric lock and WIFI network and then the corresponding QR can be attached to the door. Users can directly use a mobile phone to scan the code to open the door.
●Cloud management platform:
Various functions such as password settings and remote unlocking can be completed in the software backend. At the same time, the API connection is open, and other software can be used to call the background functions to achieve the purpose of full automation.
●Access control code reader: If an access control code reader is installed, a temporary QR code can be generated directly in the background; the QR code can be used to enter the door.


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