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Integrate the past, integrate the present, integrate the future, keep pace with the times.

Why has the Internet of Things not developed yet? The reason is that various communication protocols cannot be integrated and various standards cannot be unified, which leads to the problem of “fragmentation” of the Internet of Things. Welcome IoT successfully solve the problem of fragmentation of the Internet of Things. At present, there are 5 R&D personnel in the company to assist in the integration of various devices of the company.

To solve the problem of fragmentation of the Internet of Things, we should not use “hardware thinking” to set new standards, but should use “software thinking” to build, and use software to connect to each different communication standard. In traditional (hardware) thinking, manufacturers need to build expensive IoT devices and integrate the actual hardware with wireless modules and MCUs, so higher firmware technology is required; in contrast to software thinking, in the original independent hardware, a sensor is installed on the body, and the traditional hardware is upgraded to an intelligent hardware, which is matched with a wireless module, and then docked with the Fairy wizard of the Fairy platform. In this way, the hardware device integration becomes quite simple and can be greatly reduced. The cost of developing the hardware is also reduced.

Selected Product: Smart Edge Computing Host

1. Slogan:Cell phones, tablets, set-top boxes can all be our edge computing mainframe.

2. Product Concept:
Constructing IoT Host System with Java. The IoT host system developed by Welcome IoT is based on java and a cross-platform operating system. Because Android systems have the highest market share (80% of the global device share), it is selected as the carrier. Any Android set-top box, tablet, or mobile phone can be used as an IoT edge computing host from Android 4 to Android 10.

3. Product Functions:
With the Welcome Internet of Things multimedia host program, there is no need to build special hardware. Any commercially available set-top boxes, tablets, and mobile phones can be used as system carriers. As a result, there is no MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) inventory cost. The system materials of the Internet of Things of Welcome are also purchased from Taobao.com. By directly using the existing hardware in the market, we can keep abreast of the latest market trends.

4. Product Technical:
Host System Features:”Reconnect after disconnection”, “Reconnect after power on”, and “Plug and Play” are the three functions of the Welcome IoT host. After the system is disconnected or shut down, you can log in again as long as you reconnect to the Internet, and you don’t need to enter account and password. In addition, it has powerful custom virtual components and Lego-style combination functions, and provides a complete SDK for software manufacturers to settle in, so they can still develop without knowing the hardware layer standards.


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