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About 0+ SmartTech Corporation

O+ SmarTech is committed to providing intelligent/energy-saving complete and reliable solutions and commodities for buildings.

Since 2008, it has provided architects and interior designers to cooperate in Taiwan and China markets to create architectural spaces suitable for future living.

Among them,the more well-known projects are:
1. Taichung-Crystalhouse
2. Beijing-MOMA
3. Taipei-One Park Taipei and other projects.

The main product EBOX is an integrated intelligent central control unit,providing a complete intelligent/energy-saving living space solution.And is compatible with Apple Homekit and other major protocols.

Selected Product: E-Box III Smart Controller

1.Slogan:【Smart Living】Better choices for your smart life.

2.Product Concept:
Provides a complete smart-home solution with a one-piece home control center.Compatible with Apple HomeKit and other popular assistants.

3.Product Functions:
Convenient-Supports Apple’s Siri,Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice control systems.
Energy Efficient:Saves and manages energy through power measurement and smart data analysis.
Healthy:Environmental sensors allow the system to automatically adjust indoor temperature,humidity,lighting, and air conditioning to suit the occupant’s needs

4.Product Technical:
Embedded system,cloud service,AI&NLP.


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