Eulife Technology Co., Ltd.

About Eulife Technology Co., Ltd.

Eulife established in 2004, we are manufacture for LED dimmable drivers, LED traffic lights, and the lights application for intelligent home system, our main market is USA and Spain.

We have our own RD team, SMD & DIP producing line, which support from design to manufacture one shop service, also our product meet CE standard.

Our dimmable driver can be low dim to 1%, and can be started in low dim without any delay, also our LED driver can fit with other control system, its compatibility is high.

Recently for national market, in order to meet the demand for designer and building company, we start to combine fast, easy lighting control system, and make different atmosphere in space with more simple and easy way to achieve.

Selected Product: Bluetooth Control System for Lighting

1.Slogan:Upgrade easily to an intelligent home; the light is under your control!

2.Product Concept:
No need for a central control system, no need to wire up a control panel, reduced costs and installation time.

3.Product Functions:
8-time schedule can arrange up to 6 different lamp circuits and up to 6 different lighting models.

4.Product Technical :
Bluetooth network communication, does not require a gateway and central computer.


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