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About Aeon Matrix Inc.

It is Aeon Matrix’s mission to care for people and the world where we live, play and work.

We are committed to promoting environmental sustainability and maintaining social responsibility. Aeon Matrix Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 2014. We design and create innovative smart devices and provide cloud services to improve quality of life. With deep experiences in product development, our team takes great pride in our technical agility and creativity.

Selected Product: Smart Irrigation Controller

1.Slogan: Keep Your Lawn Lush While Going Green

2.Product Concept:
Designed and produced by Aeon Matrix, the Smart Irrigation Controller is the only smart irrigation solution certified by US EPA WaterSense available in Taiwan and has been awarded the 2022 Smart City Innovative Application Award.
We utilise AloT and cloud data to integrate meteorological data, in addition to local site prameters such as plant and soil type to calculate the precise amount of water needed for optimal hydration schedules.

The Smart Irrigation Controller allows for two significant advantages, FIrst, it conserves water by precisely calculating evapotranspiration and supplying the needed amount of water. Compared to a traditional timer, the Smart Irrigation Controller is able to save up to 50% more water. Even more water can be saved when working with the Soil Moisture-Based Irrigation Controller. Second, the Smart Irrigation Controller saves you time and effort. The user-friendly app interface allows you to manage your watering schedule anytime, anywhere. You will also receive immediate notifications if a leak or faulty valve is detected. No matter the size of your patch, you can manage your irrigation tasks with ease.


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