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About Smart Bedroom Technology Co., Ltd.

AI bed room is the top brand of AI smart electric mattress in Taiwan. Smart Bedroom Technology Co., Ltd. is an expert in sleep technology. It is directly operated by Taichung Mattress Factory and act as agent of European and American mattress brands. Also develops AI smart electric beds. We recommend you a comfortable mattress with AI smart technology. Sleep with AI bed room AI smart electric mattress, let you sleep until you wake up naturally every day.

Selected Product: AI American Electric Adjustable Bed

1.Slogan:Our product is designed to improve sleep quality using smart technology and ergonomic design.

2.Product Concept:
Our Smart Adjustable Electronic Bed is designed with ergonomics in mind. With the refinement of ergonomic research and machining processes, our bed aims to improve sleep posture and relieve sore muscles from bad posture or stress.

3.Product Functions:
The in-built learning module allows the bed to optimize and adjust itself to the most optimal sleeping positions. In addition, the mattress is designed for ideal firmness according to ergonomic research and development.

4.Product Technical:
●High product quality control:
All products are inspected and tested before shipment to ensure the highest standards of quality.
●Clamp prevention devices:
While ensuring that the bed frame is subjected to uniform force, it also greatly increases the useful life and safety of the smart bed.
●Power Off Protection:
Designed with power-off protection, the bed can be restored to a horizontal position with the remote control.
●Reliable structural design:
Uses square pipe and a nested structure to support an even weight load on the bed. The design guarantees structural safety.
●End-of-bed weight:
The end of the bed is strong and safe. The whole structure is well designed and tested. It can carry the weight of a normal person of 75 kg.


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