Rice Ear Ltd.

About Rice Ear Ltd.

Rice Ear Ltd. is a Taiwanese electronics company based on the spirit of “good air, anytime and everywhere.”

We define ourselves as a solution provider for allergy sufferers with 2 core technologies: semiconductor light source and photocatalyst process.

Features of team members are cross-domain, high-mix experiences, and highly emphasis on individual value and long-term enterprise value.

Branding LUFTQI brings “Wellness on the Go” and promotes our innovative photocatalyst purification technology to the world.

Selected Product: LUFT Cube - Portable Air Purifier

1. Slogan:
For those sensitive to pollen, smoke, and dust – dreams are sweeter with LUFT ♥

Have you ever had a runny nose before going to bed and even after waking up? With LUFT Duo, you can rest easy. Its patented SSP technology enables the compact machine to decompose and destroy VOCs, allergens, odors and bacteria making it the best air purifier for allergies and for your personal spaces. It’s both small and mighty!

The LUFT Duo has been designed as the smallest and consumable-free air purifier that combines two technologies: “Electro-static dust collection” and “Photo-catalysis” to clean the air we breathe.

2.Product Functions:
●Anti-bacterial Metal Mesh: Newly engineered low surface energy and anti-bacteria treatment makes the stainless steel mesh “easy to clean” and “no consumables needed”.
●Electro-static dust collection: Producing 20 million ions at all times allows PM2.5/PM10 to be actively trapped in the metal mesh. This novel approach works effectively for droplet infection in epidemics as well.
●Decomposition Photocatalyst: We developed a revolutionary type of photocatalysis nanotechnology that breaks down and destorys allergen agents such as VOCs, bacteria, pollen, etc.

LUFTQI takes healthy air on the go. Suitable for home, office, bedroom, bathroom, traveling or anyone who wants to improve the air quality anywhere. The LUFT Duo is not only stylish, but also suitable for various environments. Purify your surroundings throughout the day!


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