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About Maktar Inc.

Maktar is a technology company that designs products to improve efficiency and security. Protecting your safety and privacy is our mission; simplicity and proactivity is our culture. To create intuitive and effortless products that allow our users to continue leading their lives without worrying about technological failure or unfortunate oops. A constant that has never wavered, is our desire to make your life easier by providing the right tools and encouraging a culture of simplicity and proactivity. Our core values of proactivity, innovation, simplicity, efficiency, quality, and security are showcased through our products.

Selected Product: Qubii Duo

1.Slogan: Auto-Backup While Charging

2.Product Concept:
●Automatic backup device.
●Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android & iOS devices.
●Data storage up to 2TB (microSD card NOT included).
●Supports fast-charging with Power Management IC.
●Two-factor authentication for increased data security.
●Patented MicroSD password encryption feature.
●Easy navigation via dedicated Qubii Pro app.
●No monthly subscription required.
●Secure offline database.
●Useable with multiple devices.
●Backup duplication detection; auto-resume from last backup.
●Even faster speeds than USB-A 3.1 & USB-C.

3.Product Functions:
An award-winning, ultra-fast charging and advanced auto-backup device. Compatible with Apple & Android devices, automatic backup while charging offers the best of both worlds. Simple, effortless, and intuitive automatic backup anywhere you go with Qubii Duo. Our award-winning Qubii Duo features smart automatic backup, extensive data storage, and a patented SDcard password encryption feature. Ideal for photos, contacts, music and movies. Easily backup your camera roll, contacts, iCloud, files and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr contents, and more, hassle-free. Qubii Duo offers a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Extended Warranty with product registration.


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