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About Hao Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hao Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd. was established on April 6th 1992, with deep understanding of modern technology and strong expertise in water purification and drinking water system domains. Hao Hsing’s main production line is located in Taichung and with satellite plant in Vietnam.We are able to distribute our products globally.

Moreover, in 2021, our annual production capacity reaches 36,000 units. and thus become the most productive manufacturer in Taiwan.

Hao Hsing is committed to not only products research and development, but also bringing automation equipment to enhance efficiency of the manufacturing processes. With automation, the quality of service and our business performance is definitely improved. Throughout these years, we’ve continued to be devoted to manufacturing-marketing integration strategies of water treatment products, and promote product services of all kinds.

Besides, to achieve sustainable business development, we strive to carry out the concepts of both innovation and green manufacturing, such as energy conservation and emission reductions to the manufacturing processes and our final products. Therefore, our insistence wins recognition from customers both domestically and internationally, and also wins many opportunities to cooperate with many renowned global brands.

Selected Product: HM-900 Floor Standing Water Dispenser


2.Product Concept:To meet our daily needs of drinking water while maintaining temperature and water quality.

3.Product Functions:
●Eco-friendly sleep mode is set on demand, lowers power consumption and saves money on electricity.
●Water Shortage Notification reminds users of low water supply and avoids the danger of dry-burning.
●Child Safety Lock: Hot water safety lock prevents children from accidently being scalded while the machine is in operation.
●Water Leakage Detection: detects and alerts users to water leaks.
●Current Leakage Protection: Equipped with leakage circuit breaker in compliance with CNS national standards to prevent electric shock.
●Computerized High Temperature Sterilization: With a highly efficient heat exchange system, both warm and cold water are sourced from disinfected hot water, which ensures water is not infected by any bacteria.

4.Product Technical:
●Hot Water Sanitization Setting: Hot water sanitization can be adjusted to user preferences. Hot water thoroughly cleans the pipes inside the water dispenser. Ensures water quality.
●Microchannel Evaporator: Microchannel evaporator improves efficiency of heat dissipation by 30%. Better efficiency, less power consumption, and more energy conservation.
●Heat Exchange Technology: With the heat exchange system, every drop taken from the water dispenser is sourced from disinfected boiled water. Due to the high efficiency of heat transfer, heating time is shortened, and power consumption is significantly reduced.
●Instant Cooling: An inbuilt stainless-steel cooling coil increases the contact surface with cold water inside the cold tank, which ensures better efficiency of the compressor.


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