Eastern Global Corp.

About Eastern Global Corp.

A company focus on ergonomics.

Eastern Global Corporation was established in early 2006 to put an end to the discomfort and injuries associated with poorly designed non-adjustable office equipment. Our goal is to improve your productivity, organization, and comfort level by providing elegant, yet simplistic ergonomic equipment. Our products can help you rearrange and use your desk space more efficiently. Main products including monitor arms, laptop stand, CPU holder, USB- hub and related accessories. Because of its emphasis on innovation, research, and development, Eastern Global has obtained patents in Europe, the United States, Japan, and China. Our excellent design has been recognized internationally, and won the IF Design Award, the Good Design Product Award, and other awards. At the same time, we also want to become an ESG enterprise, and all our products use environmentally friendly materials that comply with EU RoHS environmental regulations. We know that technology always comes from humanity and pursue user-friendly, and create practical and fashionable ergonomic products.

Selected Product: EGNA-202 Smart Monitor Arm

1.Slogan: Work smart, work efficiently

2.Product Concept:
The ergonomic monitor arm allows the screen to be precisely positioned to improve work efficiency, comfort, and posture.

3.Product Functions:
●The screen can be adjusted to the best sight height, distance and angle according to the individuals sitting posture, reducing visual fatigue caused by screen glare and reflections.
●Easy installation & high applicability, no need to rely on tools to quickly insert or replace the screen.
●Improves working posture, relieves work fatigue or cervical discomfort caused by long periods of use.
●Tools are included in the monitor arm for temporary repairs.
●The cable management integrates all power cables to keep your work environment neat and tidy.
●Simple and practical design, neat and simple appearance, suitable for office and home use.

4.Product Technical:
●Constructed from sturdy and durable aluminum alloy, can easily support large-size screens.
●Lightweight and stable design with mechanical springs for easy adjustment.


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