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About Avision Inc.

Avision specializes in the development and manufacturing of optical products, from flatbed scanners to recent portable scanners, document scanners, production scanners. The maximum speed can reach up to 130 pages per minute. We are capable of producing full-range scanners product line. The business has been expanded to the Americas, Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, and other countries and regions.

Besides scanners, we extended our product line to printers and MFP. In recent years, we develop Taiwan’s first laser printer. From the A4 laser printer, A3 laser printer to the world’s first A3 intelligent copier. We have the plan to develop the full product line of laser printers step by step.Avision is active in expanding the printer business to the United States, Europe, and China.

Also, Avision is honored as the world’s Top 6 national brand of scanners and printers by the well-known worldwide analyst company – Keypoint intelligence. In addition, Avision is ranked Top 5 brand in Europe by the professional analyst company- Info source. As world-class leading brands, Avision will continue to bring cutting edge technologies and satisfying client expectations.

Selected Product: AN360W Network Scanner

1. Slogan: Print and Copy with the Avision A1 Series.

2. Product Concept: Avision has taken the office-critical features of departmental MFPs and packed them into this ultra-productive A4-size printer. Seamlessly integrates print and copy functionality. Produces professional black and white copy output at up to 30 pages per minute.

3. Product Functions:
●Fast, High-Quality Printing and Copying
Produces professional black and white copy and printing output at up to 30 pages per minute.
●ID Card & Document Copy
With the integrated Duplex copy module, making duplex copies is easy. Simply insert your document into the card slot and the job is done!
●Built-in Duplex Print Unit
Automatic duplex printing feature saves paper and reduces costs.

4. Product Technical:
●Enhanced auto-crop & deskew feature
The Avision’s intelligent copier system automatically copies a document when it is inserted into the feeder. If inserted incorrectly, the image can be automatially cropped and straightened during scanning. These features allow you to copy and scan efficiently and effectively.
●Remote device Management via the Embedded Webpage
The printer provides you with a convenient way to view the status of supplies and the scan and copy count to help you efficiently maintain it. By simply typing the machine’s IP address into your browser, the printer’s embedded webpage will be reached.


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