Yuan Yu National Co., Ltd.

About Yuan Yu National Co., Ltd.

YUAN YU is the air improvement expert of ventilation fan for 72 years which is located in Taichung, Taiwan, and has been dedicated to provide best air solution for living area, commercial space, and car park. Based on excellent technologies and R&D capability, Sheng Yuan Electric company manufactured and provide a wide range of ventilation fans, thermo ventilator, circulation fans, ERV, PM2.5 purifying ventilation fan, ceiling tile fan, Industrial pressure exhaust fan, and Industrial high velocity fan with”ALASKA” brand. We have a wide range of products to suit various construction projects. Our motor is designed and manufactured by ourselves. Therefore, the fan can be configured to achieve the best efficiency, create high airflow and low noise to improve heat problem and realize sensible air circulation.

Selected Product: VIVI-Circulation Fan

1.Slogan:Pioneering future smart living.

2.Product Concept:
Vivi enables you to enjoy the pleasant cool breeze and comfortable environment in your home.

3.Product Functions:
●Creates a soft and relaxing breeze.
●Removes humidity and mugginess.
●Eliminates swelter and provides clean, fresh air.

4.Product Technical:
●The design of the swirl shaped cover and low resistance suction makes the airflow highly pressurized, able to transmit over 12 meters.
●Aerodynamic blade design optimizes air efficiency with a low level of wind-noise.
●Compact motor design minimizes device size and enhances space utilization.


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