Nestech Corporation Ltd.

About Nestech Corporation Ltd.

Nestech is an AIOT provider specialized in smart locking/access control system and ICT solutions in a commercial platform for real-time monitoring and streamlining efficiency in smart city.

Access control system “Cellbedell” for smart hospitality management, and “FIND” as real-time active environmental detection and energy saving system for smart cities.

Cellbedell is a mobile key management system that only take 5 minutes and managers would have their own self service kiosk system with reasonable price, along with ANSI standard smart locking system.

Selected Product: Cellbedell Smart Front Desk System

1.Slogan: The world’s smallest kiosk system with quick deployment and fast-locking

2.Product Concept:
Cellbedell is a mobile key management system that improves host and guest interactions by eliminating problems such as: Long waiting times for travellers during the pandemic with labour shortages, and costly, complex installation and maintenance of new technology for hoteliers and their staff.

3.Product Functions:
Our smart locking system streamlines the check-in process. It only takes 5 minutes for managers to have their own self-service solution.
Managers can check the status of rooms and grant credentials any time, anywhere, or use the NFC function issue a keycard with a wave of their hand.
At the same time, visitors can enjoy their stay with peace of mind. By getting their credentials via remote check-in on their smartphones they can directly access the room, or use a QR code to obtain their pass from the kiosk.

4.Product Technical:
The system uses wireless commmunication technology such as NFC, BLE and WiFi, along with payment-level security using UL certificate lock hardware.


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