12CM Taiwan Co., Ltd.

About 12CM Taiwan Co., Ltd.

12CM Taiwan Reed Digital is the leading brand of O2O/OMO virtual real integration, integrating the patented technology application of echoss smart seal jointly developed by the Korean team.

As well as being an official sales and technology partner of LINE, to help brands grow membership, monetize traffic, and achieve marketing and performance goals.

Selected Product: Universal DI/DO Module

1. Slogan:Connect with your smart life

2. Product Functions:
●The DO universal module uses dry contact or high/low voltage to turn traditional home appliances and some other normal appliances like blinds, garage doors, window pusher and other motor-based appliances into IOT smart appliances which can be controlled with Google, Apple homekit and through https internet protocols.
●The DI universal module uses dry contact or high/low voltage to receive traditional home appliances data like temperature, water door, window sensors and others into IOT smart appliance sensors which can be read or notify you over Google, Apple homekit and also through https internet protocols.
●Simple voice commands allow you to control your lights with Siri or Google Assistant.
●You can control multiple accessories at the same time by creating your own scenes. You can also trigger an accessory or scene based on the time of day, your location, sensor detection, and more.


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