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About Yenchen Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yenchen’s competitive advantage lies in its willingness to invest in product certification and to earn customer satisfaction. Yenchen’s products and equipment comply with international pharmaceutical regulations and certification. We are the first manufacturer in Asia to obtain ATEX certification. There are testing machine at our factory for clients to do actual simulation with various sources. It’s our competitive superiority when compared with providers in Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, etc. Yenchen hired American pharmaceutical process expert Dr. FRED ROWLEY as machinery consultant to share valuable experiences, practical exchanges, and to offer professional services on manufacturing process.

Selected Product: Fluid Bed Dryer ,Granulator , Coater

1. Slogan: We uphold the core values and global vision, providing overall customer satisfaction with products and services in order to become an international enterprise.

2. Product Functions:
(1) Comply with regulations of cGMP, PIC/S GMP, and FDA requirement.
(2) Bag filter shaking mode: double shaking (or air purge)
(3) The material of bag filter is made of polyester fibers and stainless steel fibers with anti-static electricity conductivity cloth. The bag filter is lifted by auto pneumatic cylinder.
(4) Contact material: SUS316L, inner polishing surface Ra <0.4.
(5) Sample taking by sampling vial, for ease of sampling.
(6) Air inlet system is equipped with pre-filter, midle filter, and HEPA 99.97% 0.3μ to ensure the cleanness of inlet air.
(7) Critical parameter graph control
a. temperature control point ±2℃
b. humidity control: the absolute humidity of inlet air at 9g/Kg ±1g/Kg (buyer provide ice water: inlet 7℃, outlet 12℃)
c. air flow between 30% and 100%, auto set and control within ±5%
d. spray volume within ±5%
(8) Top spray: adopted Schlick modular single-head spray gun, even spray pattern and fast granulation.
(9) Bottom spray: adopted Schlick or Spray Stem spray gun, evenly coating.
(10) Side spray: increase the bottom plate ventilation screen to improve drying efficiency and shorten coating time.


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