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About Capstone Firecloud

Capstone was founded in 2013. As the era of IoT has arrived, we have been committing ourselves to smart disaster prevention and smart building, and other fields. We focus on the development of fire-fighting technology and products related to smart life so that we can improve safety of residence and reduce damage from disasters. With the help of rich experience in the industry, we continue providing premium products to customers. Capstone integrates the latest technology, allowing customers to be informed through mobile devices immediately after fires break out. We also integrate AIoT with automatic fire alarm system to determine the most suitable warning temperature for the site. We can predict the change of temperature and smoke concentration to inform related people while the fire is limited, so that it can be put out at the early stage. If the fire does occur, people on and off the site can know the exact condition of the site through mobile phone Apps or texts. Time will not be wasted on back-and-forth communication and confirmation; therefore, people can earn “the precious 30 seconds in fire accident” to respond.

Selected Product: H! Hero Smart Fire Alarm

1. Slogan: Advanced Fire Tech

2. Product Concept:
Smart Fire Detector

3. Product Functions:
Accept the fire alarm notification when user not at home. Pre-alarm system can notify user when the temperature is over 45 degrees. (User cad set any degree blow 45 degree)

4. Product Technical:
Muti-function (both smoke and temperature), Free APP, Pre-alarm system, Wi-Fi connected


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