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Improving the Value and Security of household water continuously is our permanent mission and commitment.

Since 1985, PJL has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing faucets. Throughout the period of constant expansion, PJL has developed a series of mid- to high-end mainstream products.
●Pojiali provides a comprehensive production line, persistently manufactures MIT products, strictly controls product quality, and is committed to the pursuit of customer satisfaction.
●The self-designed and developed Molong® PVDF ultrafiltration technology is the first innovative purification technology in the world.
●We provide water purification products used in different locations in the house, and provide you a full range of pure domestic water.
●Adopt omni-channel marketing strategy to provide online/offline consumer experience without breakpoints.

Selected Product: Whole household water purification system

1. Slogan: Whole House Water Purifier makes household water pure and healthy.

2. Product Concept:
Tap water in our home is not completely safe, and the water often contains pollutants that affects human health. Whole House Water Purifier is a device that allows the public to easily obtain clean water, and also attempts to make the product create a new style of beauty in today’s home space. Pojiali Health Whole House Water Purifier provides water purification products that can be used in different locations in the house, and provides you a full range of pure domestic water.

3. Product Functions:
・ Whole House Water Purifier adopts Molong® PVDF ultrafiltration technology to directly purify tap water, which can effectively remove bacteria, impurities, sediment, rust, colloids, suspended solids and organic matter in the raw water that are harmful to health, and the effluent is fresh and clean.
・ Molong® Water Purifying Membrane filters out 99.9% of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms in water, resistant to acids and alkalis, heat tolerance – withstand up to 70 digress Celsius, and no additional power supply is required to operate.

4. Product Technical:
・ Molong® PVDF Hollow Fiber Membrane, originally used in medical treatment, belongs to the technology of hemodialysis level Membrane Technology, with a pore size of 0.1um (100 nm`) which is an innovative technology of ultrafiltration membranes. In addition, micron-scale asymmetric structure is adopted, so that the water output can reach 7 liters of water per minute. Its creative hidden 3D stand can make the product’s lifespan reach more than 18,000 liters of water.

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