YourPure Modular cartridge

Company Name
Product Introduction
  • Modular Design, It can modularize any 2 filter material modules with different filtration efficiency in series.
  • LTM-011 Filter bacteria, parasites, spores, plastic particles.
  • LTM-021 Bacteriostatic, filter out disinfection chlorine, odor, chemicals.
  • LTM-022 Filter out and disinfect chlorine, odor, chemicals, heavy metals.
  • LTM-023 Filtering and disinfecting chlorine, odor, chemicals, scale inhibition.
  • LTM-024 Filtering and disinfecting chlorine, odor, chemicals, heavy metals, scale inhibition.
  • Domestic and foreign patents, awards or certifications
  • Patent No. M522772, Republic of China
  • Excellent Innovative Product Award at 2016 Taipei International Sporting Goods Show                                                 
  • 2017 Taichung Innovative Product in Health Industry Award
  • SGS Total Bacterial Count Test AD/2015/6019703