PaperAir Series Scanner
虹光精密 Paper Air行動掃描器

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AVISION was the first company in Taiwan to successfully develop and manufacture printers of its own. Their multifunction printers work as scanners, printers, and offer network connection. With all its efforts towards innovation, AVISION has won the Taiwan Excellence Awards and become a pioneering factor in the global scanner industry. AVISION’s PaperAir Series Scanner offers scanners that weigh only 1.4kg, making them extremely portable. These scanners are all-in-one devices that combine scanning, storage, and searching functions while supporting various word processors, making them the perfect choice for business travelers on the go. The PaperAir Manager app provides a powerful intelligent searching function that helps you effectively and easily manage your files. Bringing the latest technological advances, the PaperAir Series Scanner will meet the needs of every type of business worker. It is small but mighty, pre-installed with innovative software you’ve never seen before, and definitely puts you on the frontier of cutting-edge technology. AVISION is now available on Amazon.in Check out more for products on AVISION website: https://www.avision.com/