Bamboo Oil-Control Handmade Soap / Olive Cleansing Oil
百匡 竹炭控油潔顏皂 / 橄欖卸妝油

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For more than 50 years, BIOCROWN has worked with experts all around and combining cutting-edge technology to develop simple and natural, anti-pollution skincare products. BIOCROWN products have received various certifications and enjoyed lots of brand fans who seek safe, burden-free and natural products. BIOCROWN’s Bamboo Oil Control Handmade Soap is one of the best bamboo charcoal soap on the market. It is oil-absorbing and deep-cleansing, which magically relaxes your skin. Meanwhile, the Olive Cleansing Oil can instantly remove your makeup, refreshing your skin and pores to the core. The two products complement each other by cleansing your skin while keeping it tender and moisturized. Fickle and unpredictable weather makes the skin just as unpredictable and hard to handle, especially when blackheads and pimples visits uninvitedly or when the skin loses water/oil balance. BIOCROWN is here to wash away any dirt or stickiness, returning the energy and free feeling that your skin deserves! Check out more for products on BIOCROWN website :