Intensive Whitening Cream
雪芙蘭 水漾美白乳霜

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With “CLEAN & PURE” as its concept, CELLINA has created a wide range of skincare products in Taiwan. For more than 70 years of research and development, CELLINA has dedicated to helping women across different generations achieve the beauty they are looking for; because of the excellent quality and performance, CELLINA’s products have been wildly popular in Taiwan for decades. CELLINA’s Intensive Whiten Cream contains various precious whitening ingredients, including pearl extract, vitamin C, arbutin, okra, and lactic acid, all of which have an incredible effect in whitening the skin. Simply apply the Intensive Whitening Pearl Cream before your makeup routine, and the cream will brighten your skin, giving it a wonderful glow and moisturization. Each time you apply CELLINA’s Intensive Whitening Cream is a journey of pleasure and indulgence. Gently massage your face to help your skin absorb all the nutrients, and you can have smooth silky skin to show off the natural feminine beauty! Check out more for products on CELLINA website: https://cellina.en.taiwantrade.com/