Whitening Acne Aquabright Essence
晶凝時光 淨白粉刺水光精華

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CRYSTALLINE, a specialist in hyaluronic acid’s effects on different types of skin, insists on using all-natural phytic acid in its products to ensure 100% safe beauty care. CRYSTALLINE’s Whitening Acne AQUABRIGHT Essence contains 2% white mulberry phytic acid and 10% mandelic acid, which can reach deep into your pores to remove blackheads and exfoliates the skin, cleansing and brightening at the same time. Weather in Asia can be fickle, causing oil/water imbalance of the skin that leads to pimples and blackheads; however, the more you try to cover it up with makeup, the worst it becomes! CRYSTALLINE’s Whitening Acne AQUABRIGHT Essence can save you from such troubles by easily removing your blackheads – a true savior to your skin! Check out more for products on CRYSTALLINE website :