My Color My Style Medical Face Mask
中國衛材 中衛彩色醫療口罩

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For 72 years, CSD has been safeguarding the health of the Taiwanese people. With its consistently-improving, high-quality medical equipment, CSD has stood by its consumers by providing sterilized medical-grade masks that have passed through health inspection certifications of various countries including the U.K. and the U.S.A. CSD’s My Color My Style Medical Face Masks, which follow the CNS14774 medical standard, can effectively protect you from dust pollution and bacteria. When you are in an enclosed space such as an elevator or public transportation, CSD’s Medical Face Masks can protect you from airborne diseases and minimize spreading of diseases, giving you the security of breathing freely. With all the recent technological advances and environmental changes happening in Southeast Asian countries, the air quality is not what it used to be, making face masks a must-have when on the go. CSD’s My Color My Style Medical Face Masks come in a variety of colorful shades so you can stay chic while safeguarding health, making it especially popular with the younger generation! Check out more for products on CSD website: https://www.csd.com.tw