Mouth Rinse
DEKO 天然草本漱口水

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As a rigorous research facility, DEKO is focused on developing high-end medical and dietary supplements. From plant cultivation to lab research, DEKO runs a comprehensive manufacturing system with great care and meticulousness, making it a genuine one-stop-service. Made with natural herbs from both the West and the East, DEKO’s Mouth Rinse contains herb-extracted bacteria strains that help prevent cavities and periodontitis. When people think of mouth rinse, they often associate it with chemicals; however, DEKO’s Mouth Rinse brings you a fresh take on mouth rinse that will help you maintain oral health in a new and safe way. Featuring 100% natural “innovative herbal medicine,” the Mouth Rinse comes in convenient small packages that will drastically improve your breath with just a small dosage! Let DEKO’s Mouth Rinse help you refresh your image and claim your confidence! Check out more for products on DEKO website: