Elevator Energy Saving System
台達電子 電梯回生系統

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With deep roots in Taiwan, DELTA ELECTRONICS has devoted itself to the fields of automation, power source and components, and renewable energy. DELTA ELECTRONICS has research branches all around the globe and, holding more than 8,000 patents, it is one of the top electronics companies in the world. By utilizing specific electronic components, DELTA ELECTRONICS’ Elevator Energy Saving System recycles the kinetic energy from elevator deceleration, turning it into renewable energy and then returning it to the elevator for reutilization. While helping the elevator system save energy, DELTA ELECTRONICS’ Elevator Energy Saving System allows you to create energy while using the elevator, forming a sustainable cycle. In the recent years, DELTA ELECTRONICS has made significant effort in advancing sustainable ecology, which falls in line with the global trend of promoting renewable energy. DELTA’s Elevator Energy Saving System will certainly become a helping force in innovating energy consumption of buildings, making it a world leader in eco-friendly construction product Check out more for products on DELTA ELECTRONICS website: