Acne Patch(Day/Night/Day & Night) / Anti-Acne Gel / Mild Purifying Cleansing Cream
護妍天使 隱形痘痘貼(日/夜/綜合)/ 集中抗痘凝膠 / 溫和淨透潔面乳

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DERMA ANGEL founded the brand with “pampering the skin” as its goal. It offers mild, non-irritating skincare products that not only pamper the skin but help consumers tackle their skin problems. DERMA ANGEL has created a three-step solution to your acne problems. For the first step, apply the Mild Purifying Cleansing Cream to balance your skin condition. Its amino acid and slightly acidic pH level offer deep cleansing of the pores, elevating your skin’s moisture retention while balancing oil and water in the skin. The second step features the Anti-Acne Gel – a gentle formula with ceramide as the star component. It contains 2% salicylic acid and sulfur that works miracles in balancing the skin condition. Simply apply it consistently, and witness how effectively it removes your pimples and blackheads! For the third step, DERMA ANGEL brings you the Acne Patch with a patented ultra-thin design. Your acne will simply disappear once you apply the Acne Patch, and it will not affect your makeup at all. It also helps you protect your acne from any dust or irritant in the air. The Acne Patch comes in two types – Day use and Night use – offering a whole-day healing process. It is lightweight and breathable – a savior to a girl’s night out or date night! We all share similar trouble – sinful deep-fried foods or sleepless nights lead to a pimple breaking out on your face. DERMA ANGEL is the answer to your problems with the best solution – the three-step routine will take care of your skin condition, making sure that your wonderful day or special occasion is never interrupted by annoying acne! DERMA ANGEL is now available at Guardian Vietnam. Check out more for products on DERMA ANGEL website: