Red Wine Polyphenols & Sake Yeast
DR.CHOU 紅酒多酚・酒粕酵母面膜

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A popular and well-known skincare brand in Taiwan, DR. CHOU offers a collection of face masks that feature naturally-extracted ingredients, making them especially desirable to female consumers! Its amazing skincare effect has made DR. CHOU one of the most preeminent face mask brands in Asia and a must-have for many people. DR. CHOU’s Red Wine Polyphenols & Sake Yeast Face Masks contain red wine polyphenols extract that provide deep moisturization and whitening effects, not only improving skin elasticity but also delaying undesired aging effects. In the long term, these masks will rejuvenate and keep your skin young and beautiful. As women, it is in our nature to pamper ourselves with luxurious skincare. DR. CHOU’s Red Wine Polyphenols & Sake Yeast Face Masks can help you quickly achieve crystal-clear porcelain skin – a must-have in your skincare collection! Check out more for products on DR. CHOU website: http://www.junbaby.com.tw/