DR. L-3

Hand Cream - English Pear & Freesia
肌膚學系 旅行護手霜

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DR.L-3 knows that your skin is delicate, so it strives to create the best product. DR.L-3 never uses artificial dyes or alcohol because it wants to avoid allergies or excessive burden to your skin. In Taiwan, DR.L-3 is adored for its simple ingredients. DR.L-3’s Hand Cream combines the sweet scent of the English pear with freshness from the freesia. The key to softening your skin is in the shea butter it uses and the extra Vitamin E. After applying the Hand Cream, you can massage your hands to soothe any dryness or roughness caused by change of season or other environmental factors. Your hands will then return to their previously soft touch. If your hands are constantly dry after suffering from harsh weather and environment, then let DR.L-3 gently massage your hands and offer them a light and easy touch of moisturizing treatment. Our hand cream’s intoxicating aroma will not only heal your hands but also soothe your soul. Check out more for products on DR.L-3 website: https://dr.l-3.com.tw/