Suction Power Hook
非卡空間魔法 真空吸盤掛勾

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FECA combines functionality & aesthetics to save space and reduce clutter. By applying industrial suction technology to home products, FECA SPACE MAGIC has found the solution to adhesion difficulties with rough surfaces. This brand-new technology has made FECA SPACE MAGIC products popular with consumers, selling out around the globe. Five feature about FECA 1.Adjustable and reusable 2.100% waterproof and rust resistant 3.Can be used on even rough surfaces of 0.4mm 4.Withstand extreme temperatures from -10°C to 70°C 5.No nail, no drilling installation FECA is here to help you with life convenience! Whatever your needs for home or office storage and organization, FECA has the solutions. Each one is designed using our patented and powerful suction cup technology. We’ve created every piece in all of our collections to stay where you put them, resisting slippage, rust, heat and water. As long as they’re installed on a non-porous surface, FECA products are there for the long-haul. Whether you need more storage options for less clutter in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office or garage, we have the products you’re looking for. Check out more for products on FECA SPACE MAGIC website: http://www.feca.com.tw/