Skylight Vent
佛司特金屬 採光通風天窗

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FIRST METAL has been devoted to developing green products to create better life and work environments; its skylights overturn the common impression that sheet metal buildings must be hot and humid, making them wildly popular with major factories in Taiwan. FIRST METAL’s Skylight Vents are leakproof and easy to install; you can use them over large areas to give your space sublime lighting, reducing electricity consumption for lights. The Skylight Vents feature a motorless cooling mechanism that prevents the insides of a building from becoming insulated and sultry, effectively reducing air-conditioning usage. Asia is home to numerous factories; to give these work spaces a better working environment, FIRST METAL’s Skylight Vents are your best choice! With its helpful power-saving qualities, FIRST METAL’s Skylight Vents will certainly become the next generation’s best energy-saving equipment! Check out more for products on FIRST METAL website: