Nano Gold Foil Mask
氧顏森活 微金超導面膜

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FOREST BEAUTY is designed specifically for Asian women. With its 60 years of experience in the industry, they thrived on the field of biomedical technology to create skincare products that care for both beauty and health. Created by FOREST BEAUTY’s top-notch research team, the Nano Gold Foil Mask comes in two different extract essence series. One contains a globally groundbreaking Swiss ice wine-based ingredient that helps boost and retain moisturization. The other one is full of the most precious royal jelly can improve dryness and darkness of the skin, removing fine lines and rejuvenating your look. FOREST BEAUTY’s Nano Gold Foil Mask protects your skin from ageing effects, returning it to its youthful beauty, clean and silky. Feel the power of forest and let the Nano Gold Foil Mask’s magical effects guides you to perfection! Check out more for Masks on FOREST BEAUTY website: