Protective Feminine Cleansing Mousse
貞蜜 女性私密處清潔慕斯

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Founded by descendants of Taiwanese farmers, GEM BEE shows its passion for nature in its health-dedicated products. Having won numerous awards and patents, GEM BEE is dedicated to developing high-quality drugs and supplements. GEM BEE’s Protective Feminine Cleansing Mousse gives your sensitive parts the most delicate care. With a pH level of 4.75, the Protective Feminine Cleansing Mousse keeps your intimate parts healthy and stable to fight off bacteria and infection, balancing your feminine area so it remains healthy even under humid weather. As a female, you deserve to take great care of yourself! If you live in a tropical country where the weather is hot and humid, then it is even more important to protect your sensitive parts from bacterial infection! GEM BEE’s Protective Feminine Cleansing Mousse gives every woman the layer of protection they need to live a fresh and healthy life every day! Check out more for products on GEM BEE website: