LiVERTY® Antrodia Cinnamomea
國鼎生技 LiVERTY® 牛樟芝膠囊

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Ever since its foundation in 2002, GOLDEN BIOTECH has been integrating oriental herbal medicine with western medicine to develop liver-protecting and cancer-preventing dietary supplements. GOLDEN BIOTECH has also discovered many curative benefits of the antrodia cinnamomea, making great contributions to medicine and biotechnology, and received several prestigious awards. Liverty contains antrodia cinnamomea extract that helps protect against liver injury, improving SGPT test results and relieving exhaustion; it also shows excellent anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation effects. Liverty contains no caffeine or artificial coloring, but effectively enhances your physical condition. In addition, Liverty has passed through the rigorous Halal Certification, so it is safe to take if you are a Muslim. It is common for modern people to overlook their physiological health in the midst of busy work and stressful lifestyle, and it is often too late when disease symptoms start to occur. With sincere care for humanity, Liverty understands that “prevention is better than cure;” that is why Liverty brings you antrodia cinnamomea extract to help take care of your liver and your health. Check out more for products on GOLDEN BIOTECH website: Facebook: Twitter: