Power of 8 Probiotics Capsules
葡萄王 健常八益菌

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As a longstanding health foods brand in Taiwan, GRAPE KING has applied its pioneering technology to create many popular probiotics and Lingzhi mushroom products. In recent years, it has gained momentum with the younger generation, proving its appeal across user of all ages. GRAPE KING’s Power of 8 Probiotics Capsules contains 8 types of bacteria strains that were cultured using GRAPE KING’s advanced technology to help boost your metabolism. Meanwhile, the added bromelain and galacto-oligosaccharides help with healthy bowel movement, so your body is always clean and fresh. GRAPE KING’s Power of 8 Probiotics Capsules is the ideal choice for anyone who lives a busy and unbalanced lifestyle, suffering from constipation! It also stimulates the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the colon, giving you a healthy and care-free lifestyle! Check out more for products on GRAPE KING website: