Remote Clothes Hanger
本源 電動曬衣架

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For more than 30 years, GREAT BEN YUAN has invested great care and effort in bathroom and furniture products. Specialized in automatic bathroom and furniture products, GREAT BEN YUAN has obtained various patents for its products, becoming the most beloved high-tech bathroom and furniture equipment brand by families and hotels in Taiwan. GREAT BEN YUAN’s Remote Clothes Hanger is small in size and is perfect for smaller spaces. You can control the hanger using the touchscreen and adjust its height according to your needs. The Remote Clothes Hanger also comes with a convection fan that enables you to dry your clothes even on a rainy day. What’s more, the LED lighting makes it safe and easy to hang clothes during the night. GREAT BEN YUAN’s home products emphasize space-saving and energy-saving; they are all easy to install and operate, making the ideal choice for families with limited space to create a comfortable living environment! Check out more for products on GREAT BEN YUAN website: