Soft-Acupuncture Pain-relief Tape
綠能奈米 軟針灸痠痛貼布

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Led by a team of experts in healthcare and nanotechnology, GREENE strives to provide its users with healthcare products that promote “healthiness, longevity, and happiness.” While improving the lives of so many people with its pioneering green nanotech, GREENE has obtained invention patents in Taiwan, U.S.A., and China and won invention awards in Malaysia. GREENE’s Soft-Acupuncture Pain-Relief Tape can increase capillary blood flow by as much as 22%, stimulating lactic acid metabolization and relaxing the muscles, which helps reduce soreness and discomfort so your body can live free from the pain and weariness of daily life. If you are a hard-working office worker, a busy and tired homemaker, or an elderly suffering from degeneration symptoms, then it is likely that your arms and shoulder are suffering in pain from weariness. For that, GREENE’s Soft-Acupuncture Pain-Relief Tape is here to save you from such misery. The Soft-Acupuncture Pain-Relief Tape can instantly soothe your discomfort, releasing your muscles from ache and tenseness, so you can live and move around freely and carefree! Check out more for products on GREENE website: