Go Trim Capsules
星譜生技 GO速纖

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Devoted to combining healthcare with technology, HEALTHY CHOICE has brought together the best pharmacists and scholars to develop health supplements designed specifically for the Asian body. HEALTHY CHOICE’s products go through careful inspection by Western drug companies, offering consumers only the best and safest supplements. Instead of using traditional fat-dissolving chemical components, HEALTHY CHOICE’s Go Trim Capsules contain conjugated Linoleic Acid, Sintrol®, Fibersol-2® and Nutraceutix®. It helps you lower your food consumption, and make you feel you’re full! Eating disorder is nowadays a common trouble in the modern society; factors such as work, stress, and emotions have caused many people to suffer from over-weight. The Go Trim Capsules can help your weight control, stay fit and always beach-ready! Check out more for products on HEALTHY CHOICE website: