Hi Time Tea Gifting Box
天時成沏 吉時圓滿禮盒 (3盒入)

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HI TIME was founded by 3 generations of tea farmers with great tea culture heritage. Thanks to Taiwan’s ideal environment, HI TIME is able to insist on pursuing craftsmanship in the tea industry. We believe that only with the perfect combination of nature, time, and mankind, can create a pot of great tea. The tea trees are grown naturally in the wild, up in the hills, following nature’s own course; and HI TIME tea farmers implement tree/turf cohabitation to nurture three tea leaf flavors for the tea set. The tea set features the fruit-scented Longfengxia Oolong Tea, the honey-tasting Lushan Oolong Tea, and our Sun Moon Lake Black Tea, which has cinnamon and a hint of mint; all three tea flavors are full-bodied with a sweet, distinctive aftertaste, marking the unique terroir of Taiwan’s Tea. The urban life is always filled with hustle-bustle, but a nice cup of tea allows you to pause, take a step back and savor the sip. The tea will nourish your throat, leaves your breath aromatic, and offer tranquility and grace to your life. Check out for more on HI TIME website: https://www.scfoods.com.tw/brewtiming.php