Botanical Respir – All
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Ever since its foundation, I-BALANCE has been safeguarding the health of its consumers with “good drug saves lives” and “pharmaceuticals is an ethical line of business.” I-BALANCE has strived to constantly improve its qualities while developing new life-improving products, becoming one of Taiwan’s most prestigious dietary supplement brands. I-BALANCE’s Botanical Respir-All contains various kinds of herbal extract, including astaxanthin and vitamin E, which promote anti-oxidation, essences from coneflower and lily, which boost the body’s auto-immune system. The Botanical Respir-All is also infused with Chinese licorice root extract and apple pectin to sooth and calm your body. People nowadays are often exposed to chemical and air pollutants, which is why you need I-BALANCE’s Botanical Respir-All to act as an inner air purifier and keep your body clean and energetic! Check out more for products on I-BALANCE website: http://www.chungmei.com.tw/