Airvida M1 Wearable Ionic Air Purifier
ible Airvida M1鈦項圈超輕量穿戴負離子空氣清淨機

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Founded almost five years ago, ible has become popular in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Indonesia for its marvelous air purifiers. Beloved for improving the quality of life for consumers, ible’s air purifiers are known for their exceptional yet convenient design and have won awards at international contests, even receiving recommendations from the U.K. media. Airvida M1 is the smallest ionic air purifier on the global market, but it is amazingly powerful. It can consistently generate 2 million negative ions/cm3, 100 times more than what nature can produce, around your face to attach airborne particles (including PM2.5, pollen, and smoke), turning them into bigger & heavier chunks and thus falling. Plus, the necklace design makes it conveniently wearable so that you can free yourself from air pollution at any place, any time. The ultra-lightweight design makes it both chic and functional. Southeast Asian countries are troubled with air pollution and the vicious PM2.5 pollutants, posing a significant threat to our air quality. For a better quality of life, put on the Airvida M1 to purify the air around you, and you will be able to take cleaner breaths, relieving allergy symptoms while enjoying the benefits of cutting-edge technology. ible is now available at Amazon.in Check out more for products on ible website: https://www.airvida.co/