AI NVR (AI Video Analytics System)
鐵雲科技 AI NVR影像分析系統

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Dedicated to providing top-notch customer care, IRON YUN has brought together the best experts and engineers in the field to create a wide range of image surveillance solutions. With more than 30 U.S. patents under its belt, IRON YUN is now a pioneer in AI technology. IRON YUN’s AI NVR (AI Video Analytics System) offers instantaneous, real-time image searching with high-precision invasion detection, face recognition, and car plate recognition that can be swiftly completed within 2 seconds using its multiple cameras. The AI NVR (AI Video Analytics System) also combines light control and temperature control systems, making it capable of detecting the number of people in a room or adjusting illumination and air-conditioning temperature to save energy. The advanced functions of IRON YUN’s AI NVR (AI Video Analytics System) can not only be used in home security systems but also be applied to help security guards, airports, and public transportation systems maintain their security. The AI NVR (AI Video Analytics System)’s smart tech-based security system is currently the trendiest and most advanced on the market! Check out more for products on IRON YUN website: