Classic Fragrance Shampoo Series
嗜 香氛 經典香氛洗髮系列

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The IS LOUNGE has a line of hair care products that is considerably popular in Taiwan. The brand emphasizes bringing each and every woman the dedicated pampering they deserve with a touch of personal scent. The Classic Fragrance Shampoo Series comes in four different scents, all of which contain natural floral and herb extracts. The shampoo promotes shine and shimmer of your flowing hair while helping you manage oil control on the skin to reduce itchiness and discomfort on the scalp. Asia is hot and humid throughout the year, and the sweating can leave your hair flat and oily. The Classic Fragrance Shampoo Series can help your hair to withstand the heat and keep it nice and cool. Its unique scent envelops you as you walk through the crowd, making you the center of attention. Check out more for Shampoo on IS LOUNGE website :