Pineapple Cake
舊振南 鳳梨酥

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Founded over 100 years ago, JIU ZHEN NAN follows the spirit of “handmade, authentic, and natural” ruthlessly. It has been handcrafting traditional Chinese pastries and promoting them to countries around the world for more than a century. JIU ZHEN NAN’s Pineapple Cake is made by raw flour, fresh eggs and butter, and a special cheese powder – a secret recipe of JIU ZHEN NAN’s – and then baking the pastry on both sides to give it a bursting flavor of richness, drawing attention from everyone who walks by. The pineapple filling is sweet and light-bodied, leaves a lingering taste on your tongue. The sharp-edged Pineapple Cake is an embodiment of JIU ZHEN NAN’s dedication and attitude of craftsman. JIU ZHEN NAN’s Pineapple Cake the perfect souvenir and holiday gift – you are not only gifting a slice of delicious Pineapple Pastries but also introducing them to the most authentic Taiwanese pastry culture. Check out more for products on JIU ZHEN NAN website: https://www.jzn.com.tw/ Email: service_jzn@jzn.com.tw Tel: 886-07-701-5186 Add: No. 298, Jiexi Rd., Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)