Ventilation Fan
杰利安 靜音換氣扇

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For more than 30 years, JLA has invested great care and effort in bathroom and furniture products. Specialized in automatic bathroom and furniture products, JLA has obtained various patents for its products, becoming the most beloved high-tech bathroom and furniture equipment brand by families and hotels in Taiwan. 100% made in Taiwan, the JLA Ventilation Fan can purify outdoor air and eliminate any odor and humidity, improving indoor air quality and helping allergy patients soothe their symptoms. The JLA Ventilation Fan uses an energy-saving motor that helps conserve energy. In the recent years, Asia has been suffering from 2.5PM air pollutants. JLA’s Ventilation Fan will help your family maintain great air quality at home; it is also quiet when it works, so you can rest assured that you’ll create a clean and comfortable living environment. Check out more for products on JLA website: http://www.jla.com.tw/