Disaster-Prevention Air-Circulating Permeable Pavement
JW 環保透水混凝土鋪面施工法

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With its eco-friendly and permeable products, JW has collected dozens of world-class patents, winning numerous international awards and becoming the top choice for many road construction projects. JW’s Air-Circulating Permeable Pavement boasts high breathability and high permeability that can promote heat and water exchange between the road surface and the atmosphere, effectively lowering road surface temperature. Moreover, since it allows more rainwater to permeate through the surface, it results in richer groundwater storage while also resolving issues with poor street drainage systems. JW’s Air-Circulating Permeable Pavement has become a widely used road construction material in the recent years, especially in Asian countries, where water resource is often scarce. JW’s Air-Circulating Permeable Pavement encourages a better underground water circulation system that is also sustainable in the long term. Check out more for products on JW website: http://www.pingtai.com.tw/main