Ergo Furniture
大將作 人體工學桌椅

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KID2YOUTH has collaborated with AOSpine Asia Pacific (AOSAP), both of which are in researching physical development in children and developing a collection of dynamic kids’ study desks, safeguarding your kid’s journey of learning and developing. And the Ergo Furniture Series came to life. KID2YOUTH’s Ergo Furniture is height-adjustable to follow your kid’s growth; with its outstanding pneumatic mechanism, the Ergo Furniture can be elevated or lowered in a matter of seconds, keeping your kid in the habit of sitting in the appropriate position. Asian parents are known for their enthusiastic concern for their child’s studies and, moreover, their physical development. All of KID2YOUTH’s products were designed specifically for kids, making them the best companion on a kid’s path to adulthood. Check out more for products on KID2YOUTH website: